Somesuch Stories #5

Somesuch Stories Issue 5 is a collection of short stories, texts, poetry, photography and art works which explore notions of 'ACTION'.

And features essays and short stories by the likes of Rebecca Tamás, Season Butler, Niamh Campbell, Eliza Clark, An Yu, Otosirieze Obi-Young, Ella Plevin, Lucy Jones, Ana Cecilia Alvarez, Lola Olufemi and Matthew Ponsford as well as poetry by Caleb Femi, Justin Phillip Reed, Ariana Reines and Beri Allen-Miller, and artistic contributions by OK Norris & Lola de Mata, June Lam, and Duncan Loudon.

Founded by Somesuch as a space for gripping and innovative storytelling, the journal's Editor is Suze Olbrich. With Art Direction by Lydia Garnett.

Designed by Luke Griffiths, Issue 5 features Cover Artwork by June Lam.